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Top 10 Manufacturing Packaging Solution Companies - 2021

Owing to increased urbanization and consumerism, the packaging industry has witnessed significant growth over the years. In fact, the industrial packaging market is estimated to be worth USD 73.01 billion by 2025, registering a CAGR of 3.53 percent. This forecast reassures the business world about the immense potential that the packaging industry possesses.

To reach its maximum potential, the packaging industry is relying on digitalization. Technologies such as AI, analytics, and business intelligence (BI) will enable manufacturers to operate from an integrated data model and take over the outdated legacy systems. Using analytical tools, manufacturers are gathering valuable data and converting it into profitable actions to enhance the production as well as the packaging process in multiple feasible ways. furthermore, the manufacturers are utilizing the data to train an AI tool to ensure that the entire production and packaging process achieves optimum efficiency each time.

However, this growth is also causing environmental concerns as the packaging industry can greatly contribute to plastic waste. For this reason, manufacturers and packaging companies are also introducing reusable and recyclable packaging solutions that minimize the industry’s environmental impact. Many organizations are incorporating 100 percent recyclable packaging materials while many, are coming up with innovative ideas such as edible packaging. Furthermore, packaging material manufacturers and authorities are taking the responsibility of coming together and educating customers about the advantages as well as new methods of recycling.

At this juncture, many cutting-edge manufacturing packaging solution providers are entering the domain with advanced and integrated offerings. To help the manufacturing sector strengthen its operational capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, Manufacturing Technology Insights has compiled a list of the top manufacturing packaging solution providers. The list comprises prominent organisations in the industry that address issues pertinent to the manufacturing and packaging sector by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CXOs.

We present to you Manufacturing Technology Insights’, “Top 10 Manufacturing Packaging Solution Providers – 2021.”

    Top Manufacturing Packaging Solution Companies

  • In operation since 1947, Beacon Converters has been able to maintain its reputation as a sterilization packaging manufacturer for the medical device, pharmaceutical, and biologics industries. Beacon has recently introduced its proprietary Tyvek® Fast Track Ready to Run & Ship Pouches, allowing clients to significantly increase speed to market for new items. Tyvek® is a registered trademark of DuPont™ for its brand of protective material. Beacon’s products are used to ensure patient safety, and its staff is well versed in the role each of them plays in guaranteeing that safety. The company’s training program is extensive, and all the team members are well experienced and cross-trained

  • Specializes in automated food packaging equipment and shrink-films that provide the safest tamper-evident seals for all types of packaged fresh foods. eatSafe heat shrink film is designed to save money on packaging costs, and as an added bonus, it is also environment-friendly and is more sustainable than PVC films. Even though eatSafe’s machines are the definition of simplicity, eatSafe goes above and beyond to train its customers and get through the initial learning curve

  • Founded in 1984, Golden Arrow (GA) has truly come a long way over the years to become the world’s largest manufacturer of the highest quality wet press molded fiber today. With more than 100 thermo-forming machines, the company produces millions of products per year for the largest consumer electronics companies in the world. GA is one of a handful of truly vertically integrated molded fiber manufacturers in China. The company produces its rigid boxes on the same campus as the wet press molded fiber and controls the quality systems and inventory management of all clients

  • Justman Packaging & Display specializes in designing and manufacturing various packaging solutions, including printed and foil embossed folding cartons, corrugated boxes, POP display programs, set up boxes, and thermoforms. What steers this family-oriented company ahead of the competition curve is its portfolio of unrivaled packaging and display solutions and services, fulfillment execution, expertise in cutting-edge technologies, powerful in-house capabilities, unparalleled customer service, and a team of experienced and competent experts. With over three decades into the business, Justman Packaging & Display combines the process, technology, and intellectual capital necessary to bring products to market at an unparalleled speed in the industry

  • As the global leader in 3D scanning and inspection, LMI Technologies works to advance quality and productivity with 3D sensor technology

  • NAPCO Inc offers a broad range of creative custom boxes and presentation packaging services. Led by Rocky Proffit, an industry veteran involved in manufacturing custom packaging and boxes since 1977, NAPCO excels as a perfect packaging partner. Over the years, Proffit has led a strong team of creative design experts, building a state-of-the-art design and manufacturing infrastructure, leading to the acquisition of Vulcan Information Packaging in Vincent, Alabama, in 2017. The company's digital print and finishing portfolio (Vulcan Information Packaging) includes high-quality digital print, multi-layered spot UV, and sculpted Foil capabilities

  • National Packaging Products (NPP) manufacturers print folding cartons, labels, and flexible packaging for an array of clients across the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic industries. Apart from this, the company also provides 100 percent recyclable, eco-friendly, and grease-proof direct food contact paperboards designed for every industry ranging from fast food markets to consumer packaged goods. NPP uses state-of-the-art machinery and patented and exclusive raw materials while providing in-house production and design services to its customers at competitive prices

  • Priority Plastics, Inc. provides rigid plastic packaging solutions with several extrusion blow-molding manufacturing facilities strategically located throughout the United States. They are bringing new technologies and products to its already vast catalog of HDPE containers, PET containers, and PVC containers. Their U.N.-rated HDPE PriorityPour tight-heads (aka Jerry Cans) bring a superior container to market with a higher level of safety and security while now being cost-competitive. Priority Plastics focuses on adopting new and advanced technologies and bring innovations to the market. They recently installed the Cyclone, the newest, high speed, four-cavity, automated processing technology in North America

  • A&H Equipment

    A&H Equipment

    A&H Equipment offers end-to-end packaging services to help companies simplify their MIL-SPEC packaging process for any scale of product-from the small to large product orders and products. They help customers right from the bidding to packaging, marking and labeling, invoicing, shipping, and tracking the shipment to destination. A&H Equipment assists with every regulation and standard, including MIL-STD-2073, ASTMD 3951 and FED-STD-123 specifications, WAWF, RFID, and IUID requirements. Besides, they can deliver each project in a very short time of five or six days, on average, from the time they receive the material in expected quantities and condition to packaging and shipping them

  • All About Packaging

    All About Packaging

    At All About Packaging Inc., founded in 1997, we provide outstanding customer service with the flexibility to produce high quality packaging on time. We are your one source for custom structural and graphic design, custom mold building, prototypes, thermoforming, printing and fulfillment. We are constantly investing in innovative solutions and creating sustainable packaging options. Products include clam shells, blisters and cards, folding cartons, labels and our award winning VeriLock® clear slide blister package. We can take your packaging needs from concept to completion, all in one organization